All Because Two People Fell in Love

All Because Two People Fell in Love
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We have been married for 4 years. We recently had our first son, Kyler. We couldn't be happier. We are currently living in Rexburg, where we bought our first home. Ashley graduated from BYU-I in with a BS in Health Education and a minor in Physical Education. She is working as a 1st grade teacher while being a mother. Mark is currently studying Sociology and eventually wants to get into the F.B.I. We can't wait to see what life brings next. We love the lives we have! Forever will never be long enough!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trip to Arizona

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I had the opportunity to go to one of our best friends wedding in Arizona. It was a MUCH needed get away for Mark and I. Not only did we get to go to Arizona to see our friends Brandon and his beautiful wife Malorie get married, I got to see some of my closest friends from college.

While In Arizona we stayed at my Uncle Terry and Aunt Dawn's house. We had a blast with them and their children. We couldn't of asked for better weather while in Arizona. The day we left Rexburg it was literally a "white out." You couldn't see anything. While in Arizona it was 90 degrees, I miss that! We also got to go to the zoo with some friends the day after.

Here is how the trip went...
Tuesday April 16- Drive to Arizona with Brandon (A lovely 14 hour car ride)

Wednesday April 17- Went to the mall, had In n Out, Went and did a session in
the Mesa, Az temple.

Thursday April 18- Spent time with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins.
It was a blast. We got to play all day and even went to
Cosco for a hot dog and drink.

Friday April 19- Went to the "Brandon and Mallorie Pope Wedding." followed by
the reception.

Saturday April 20- Went to the Phoenix Zoo with TJ and Brie Anderson, Bernie
and Brittany Farfan, and Joey Conway.

Sunday April 21-Fly back to Salt Lake City, Utah followed by a drive back to

Mark and I had an amazing weekend. We went in between school semesters so we both needed the break! It was so nice just being able to spend some time together, as this doesn't happen all the time with our crazy schedules.

This Picture is for Dad. Growing up that was the nickname he gave to me!

We went to the Zoo on Saturday and the Zebra had just had a baby on Tuesday! It was so cute!

Here is a cute giraffe.

The Tiger

A Baboon

A Monkey

Mark and I at the reception.

Mark and I at the zoo.

My old FHE family from college. These are some of my closest friends from college. Top: Brandon Pope
From Left to right: Bernie Farfan, TJ Anderson, Joey Conway, Nate Hogg

One more picture of Mark and I at the zoo!